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Bounty Paper Napkin (White), 200/pk,12pk/Ctn (2400)

Bounty Paper Napkin (White), 200/pk,12pk/Ctn (2400)
Purchase Information
Bounty Paper Napkin
Qty per case: 200/pk, 12pk/Ctn
Total Napkins: 2400
Sku#: PGC 34885

Price: $60.00


Bounty Paper Napkins are perfect for cocktails, beverage, and everyday dinning. Bounty Paper Napkins are of premium quality absorbent that is ideal for commercial buildings and office bathroom use. Bounty is known for extra strength and durability that meets EPA guidelines.

Bounty Paper Napkins are used at the table for wiping the mouth (facial) while eating. It is usually small and folded. This product is environment friendly. Major brands are available such as: Scott, Charmin, Cottonelle, Bounty, Angel Soft, Brawny, Kimberly Clark, Proctor & Gamble, and Georgia Pacific.

Toiletpapertissue is your one stop shop for: Paper, Towels, Napkins, Tissue, and Seat Covers, for major brands such as Scott, Charmin, Cottonelle, Bounty, Angel Soft, Brawny, Kimberly Clark, Proctor & Gamble, Georgia Pacific. We carry Recycled, 1ply, 2ply in Multifold, C-fold, Single fold for Cocktail, Dinner, Beverage, Kitchen, & Centerpull.

Product Description:

Meets EPA guidelines.

ITEM #: PGC 34885
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